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This is a revised edition of Wonderworld of Tropical Bonsai published in April 2009. This book has been written from personal experience and is intended as a practical guide to beginners and active bonsai growers. The book contains tropical as well as sub-tropical plants suitable for bonsai.

This book has introduced techniques of bonsai style in great detail. The book introduces more than seventy new plants with practical information on their care, along with the art of miniature tray landscapes, wall mural & rock planting. Recommended for the serious bonsai hobbyist.

Saikei, Forests, and Water & Land Penjing

Authored by Nikunj Parekh – Jyoti Parekh – Chand Kejriwal
The book details methods of creating Forests, Saikei

or Water and Land penjings with tropical and

sub-tropical trees.

Introduces vegetarian dishes adapted to suit the taste of most fastidious Indian and International palates. The book contains more than 335 recipes which are simple, practical and easy. Profusely illustrated with diagrams and colour pictures, the book will help both, beginners as well as every active cook in getting the best results. Eminently suited for international kitchens, the book contains a glossary of simple cookery terms, ingredients and a table of measurements. Many of the ingredients are photographed, for the people from distant lands to easily identify and pinpoint the same to the grocer.
As a bonus the reader is also introduced to the art of fruit and vegetable carving, which helps enhance the beauty of a well prepared dish.

This is a treasure trove of traditional as well as new recipes which can be used for all occasions. The book introduces exciting recipes for the benefit of the urban cook, who prefers to have parties with a buffet-style service. A party can start with soup and starters, at the same time, the table can be laid out with puris, curries, sweets and salads. The book has a section on low-calorie, healthy snacks. The book contains:

  • Cold drinks

  • Starters

  • Healthy snacks

  • Soups

  • Salads

  • Dals & curries

  • Puris, Parathas & Indian breads

  • Pulaos

  • Savories

  • Sweets

  • Pickles, chutnies & masalas.

This book covers twelve types of parties – from the setting of the mood to the home-made return gifts. All talents and skills of the author have come together in the presentation of these special parties. The snacks for each party have been thoughtfully planned and tried out. This book deserves to be in your kitchen if you and your family love people and take pride in entertaining with warmth and élan. This book contains:


  • Breakfast Party

  • Brunch Party

  • Tea Party

  • Dieters’ Party

  • Picnic Party

  • Terrace Garden Party

  • Mocktail Party

  • Children’s Birthday Party

  • Teenagers’ Party

  • Barbeque Party

  • Diwali Party

  • New Years’ Party

Extensive experiments done by the author with vegetarian microwave cooking have given her the experience of handling both, the machine as well as subtle ways of using the right ingredients, gauging cooking time and the correct handling, in order to achieve the best results when trying out the traditional, as well as new recipes. She has recorded all that she has learnt in this book – the easy and successful way to cook with microwave ovens. This book contains:


  • Introduction to microwave cooking

  • Collection of basic recipes

  • Crispy snacks

  • Soups

  • Salads, sauces & dips

  • Indian dishes

  • Indian sweets

  • International dishes

  • Desserts

  • Hot & cold drinks


A translated Gujarati language book is also available.

This book brings to you, detailed instructions on how to make simple puddings, creative soufflés, chilled sorbets, mouth watering homemade ice-creams and rich ‘n’ satisfying dessert drinks. This book also contains recipes of excellent easy to make chocolates, marzipan and fudges. There is a special introduction of thirst-quencher “kori” – and excellent combination of crushed ice, fruits and sauces to beat the summer heat. This book includes:


  • Puddings & desserts

  • Souffles

  • Kori

  • Sorbets

  • Dessert drinks

  • Ice-creams

  • Kulfi

  • Marzipan, chocolates and fudges

  • Jellies

This recipe book on Indian sweets is the first in the Easy-to-Make series. These recipes, for all occasions, can be prepared by both the experienced and the beginner. Learn traditional sweets as well as creative new ones, all of which are presented in five sections:

  • Mithais with fruits

  • Mithais with vegetables

  • Kheer, Payasam & Rabdi

  • Desi Mithais

  • Mithais for children

This book presents a variety of Indian and international salads. These include regular salads as well as a few with unusual combinations.

This book presents different varieties of soups, and starters that go with them. Four different types of soup varieties are presented:


  • Clear soups

  • Creamy soups

  • Comfort soups

  • Cold soups​

The section on starters presents a variety of mouth-watering starters that tickle the palate and build up

the appetite.

This book deals with eight non-traditional exotic vegetables now available in the Indian market. These vegetables are used in different cuisines, either separately or in different combinations. This can also be used together with other traditional vegetables. From soups and salads to curries and rice, cooking with these eight vegetables is presented in this book:

  • Asparagus

  • Broccoli

  • Capsicums

  • Herbs

  • Leeks

  • Mushrooms

  • Salad greens

  • Zucchini

This book contains recipes for all occasions, which can be prepared by both the experienced and the beginner. They are presented in six sections:

  • Snacks

  • Curries & Vegetables

  • Rice

  • Light meals (Tiffin)

  • Sweets

  • Chutney & Pachadi

Oriental Dishes, the sixth book in the series Easy-to-Make, presents a variety of dishes from oriental countries such as Korea, Japan, Thailand. It gives the reader a wide range of soups, snacks, rice, vegetables and desserts to choose from. Many of these dishes are spicy enough to cater to the Indian palate. These recipes are well suited for the health conscious cook.

When you wrap a gift you express yourself, your taste and creativity. The more elegant a gift looks, the greater the pleasure – for both the giver and the receiver. This beautiful book features some imaginative ways to wrap gifts. Step-by-step illustrations and photographs, and lucid instructions show how easy it is to make your own boxes, gift-wraps and ties. The book also provides exciting ideas for gift-tags and trimmings to add that special touch of class! There are also lots of wonderful gifting ideas for special occasions.