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For course Schedules & Fees contact Jyoti & Nikunj Parekh at:

Mobile: +91 98203 64367 - Jyoti Parekh

Mobile: +91 98201 01689 - Nikunj Parekh


Jyoti & Nikunj Parekh have trained generations of garden enthusiasts and created award-winning gardens across India. They are recognized worldwide for their bonsai methods and techniques and have authored several books. Their gardening workshops combine expert guidance with practical wisdom.




On Zoom


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3 individual lessons

OCT 10 - Saturday - 4 to 5pm

Propagating and Growing Succulents


OCT 17 - Saturday - 4 to 5pm

Creating Portable Mini Gardens for Gifting


NOV 7 - Saturday - 4 to 5pm

Growing and Cooking Microgreens

Q & A at the end of each session   

Notes emailed to all participants

Join all 3 workshops OR sign up for single sessions

FEES: ₹2700 for 3 workshops  

OR  ₹1000 for single sessions

Paytm or GooglePay on 8884854388

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On Zoom

3 lessons

Lesson 1    Introduction to pruning & tools for pruning

Lesson 2    Methods of propagating plants

Lesson 3    Design & execute your own garden 

Q & A at the end of each session

Notes emailed to all participants




On Zoom

6 lessons

Lesson 1    Let’s Get our Hands Dirty (An Introduction to Gardening)

Lesson 2    The Holy Trinity (Soil, Water, and Sunlight)

Lesson 3    Bring the Joy Indoors (Indoor Gardening – Plants and Special Considerations)

Lesson 4    A Cornucopia of Choice (Plant Varieties, including Seasonals, Orchids, & Aquatics)

Lesson 5    Iron Fist, Velvet Glove (Dealing with Garden Pests) and use of fertilzers

Lesson 6    Nature is our Ally (Selecting Outdoor Plants, Bushes and Trees for Best Results)


Q & A at the end of each session

Notes emailed to all participants




5 lessons

Includes the book Wonderworld of Tropical Bonsai

by Jyoti & Nikunj Parekh

Lesson 1    Theory           

Lesson 2    Theory and demo on Bonsai

Lesson 3    Practical on Bonsai making

Lesson 4    Practical on group planting

Lesson 5    Shaping, wiring and maintaining Bonsai




8 lessons

Lesson 1    Bonsai Mural making           

Lesson 2    Rock grown Bonsai advance techniques

Lesson 3    Thickening of tree trunks

Lesson 4    Root connected and raft-style Bonsai

Lesson 5    Suihan Penjing (water & land arrangements)

Lesson 6    Grafting & in-arching branches

Lesson 7    Intro to new varieties of plants

Lesson 8    Slab planting




For one and all

12 lessons

Lesson 1      Botanical aspects of plants and our environment           

Lesson 2      How to propagate plants (with demonstration)

Lesson 3      Importance of sunlight, water and air • Prevention of insects, diseases and pests

Lesson 4      Fertilizers- Organic and inorganic, soil, vermicompost and compost making

Lesson 5      Bonsai, borders, hedges, topiary & terrariums

Lesson 6      Balcony and terrace gardening, basket making, kitchen gardening

Lesson 7      Varieties of plants: orchids, cacti, succulents, aquatic plants, seasonal and bulbous plants

Lesson 8      Garden landscaping, Indoor plants and indoor gardens

Lesson 9      Garden landscaping, Indoor plants and indoor gardens

Lesson 10    Garden landscaping

Lesson 11    Garden landscaping

Lesson 12    Field trip to Parekhs farm, garden & nursery

  • Practical demonstrations will be given in most of the lessons.

  • Lectures by eminent experts in horticultural fields will be organized whenever possible.

  • Students will also do practical work whenever possible.

  • Advice will be given to students for their personal gardening problems.

  • Order of lessons may change.